Enjoy The Clash Royale Game With Various Strategies And Tips

Clash Royale is one of the most powerful and captivating games that is available to Android users from all over the world. It looks similar to that of Clash Of Clans as the developers of this two games are same, Supercell. However, it is one of the best strategy games that feature troops, elixir, gems, characters, mortars and much more. However, for players, those are still unknown to this game it is practically a card collecting game. You will experience fast pace in this game.   To make the gaming experience much more vivid for the players, few updates have also been introduced.

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To become an expert in the game, you must show effectiveness in collecting the cards. This, on the other hand, will help you to level up each character that is playing in the game. Each card represents characters like goblins, giants, skeletons and barbarians.   You will get to see a battlefield that is divided into two sides. Being a player you will have to play the game when your turn comes and by using the cards. With each win, you will get to level up and earn coins in the game. The more you will be able to level up your troop, the more it will become powerful in opposing the enemies.

You will be declared a winner once you have captured the castle of enemy or have captured one of the two towers that were there in start of each battle. Here, Elixir also has a significant role to play as more the elixir will give you more opportunities to attack. One the best part of elixir is that it refills quickly. Thus, you will not have to wait long for your turn. Once you have played your game and won the match, there are trophies waiting and chance to progress in higher level. As it is a fast paced game so, sometimes users do not put down required defense for protecting their individual castle.

There are lots of other factors in the game to help you out in winning the quests. Use baby dragons, skeletons and more in different situations to make sure that you have an upper hand in the game. You also have the liberty to buy gems through in-app purchases using real money to buy chests or you can use clash royale hack apk which are also a good source to get chests by rent. These chests, on the other hand, will help you add troops and upgrade them. Be quick when you are troops are on the loose and use them effectively as you have unlimited unlike Clash of Clans where it is limited to players. In certain occasions, you will feel the need of switching your card. Do it with subtlety as it will help you to defeat the enemy.

Knowing your cards thoroughly and using elixir in right places will help you become a professional in the game. After learning about your cards, you need to set it up on decks. Now, you have a set of complimentary cards. While playing the game try to understand which unit of yours will be best against the others. Using the suitable units in battles will assist you in saving your kingdom from damages and loss.

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